This is University of Calgary:
Welcome to Oweek, today was pre fun. Ditched round 2pm.
1st picture: Faculty Cheers
- Mine was Ba - so faculty of arts, our cheer was : ” A R T S x2 we’re bigger, stronger and creative too. Lets give a warm welcome to the new art crew, leeetts goo ARTS " - then the rest … we just sounded like seals going : ’ art art art art "
2nd pictgure: Class of 2014 pin.
side thoughts: I definitely want to take linguistics, biology, continue psych and do a dance class. I MISS contemporary. And I cannot wait to start working out at the gym at the u of c.
sadthought: the speeches today were good. But too bad, when they were talking about: ” you should be proud to have picked this university, etc lalala be happy to be here ” - I had a very upset’d feeling .. cause I kind of wish I was being welcomed by another university that is not from 403. I want to be out of Calgary.



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